How Rude!

I am channeling Stephanie Tanner today because of a realization that this is not a joke. Yep, that’s the Annoyed Librarian (blogger, for those unfamiliar) penning an entire issue of The Journal of Access Services. I assumed this was a joke but am slowing beginning to realize the seriousness of it. I will not begin to complain about what this does to scholarship. I will, however, complain about what this does to Access Services. Let me tell you, this is an area that gets a minimal amount of respect in the library world. I have worked in Access Services, Circulation to be exact, for over 15 years and have never felt that I was taken seriously. Even with a masters degree and several years of professional experience, I am left feeling like the butt of a library joke. It saddens me that the one avenue of thoughtful discussion on subjects in my area is reduced to an extended tirade. As if we didn’t experience enough negativity daily. This is an interesting time for Access Services and I am determined to turn things around for us. That is why I am organizing a conference for Access Services folks to get together and communicate about what is old, new, and in the future. Let’s hope it is taken seriously.

It’s funny how popular culture is beginning to influence everything.


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